What Tooth Crowns Can Do For Your Teeth

Tooth crowns are custom created caps that cover the full tooth. Tooth crowns encompass the tooth all the way from the gum line on up to the chewing surface.  Most people have heard of dental crowns yet plenty are unaware … Continued

The Types of Dental Crowns

As a leading provider of dental crowns, we know that a lot of people rely on them to fix any number of problems. As such they have become one of the most widely used prosthetic devices in dentistry. Since it … Continued

How to Keep Your Dental Crowns in Good Condition and Make Them Last Longer

By visiting our dentist office, you can help to keep your dental crowns in good condition for a longer period of time.  Crowns are an excellent option in restorative dentistry because they surround your damaged tooth like a cap. They … Continued

Repairing Teeth With a Crown Dentist in Dothan

For a crown dentist in Dothan, there is nothing quite as powerful as the dental crown, which we use very effectively to help restore teeth as part of our cosmetic dentist in Dothan practice. Being a crown dentist in Dothan, … Continued

How a Crown Dentist in Dothan Can Help Restore Your Teeth

As a crown dentist in Dothan, we are experts at dental restorations. Patients that have infected teeth or teeth damaged in an accident turn to us for a restoration that looks and feels completely natural. ┬áBy creating dental crowns in … Continued