Consider Family Dentistry To Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy

It can be difficult to get the children to the dentist for multiple reasons from busy schedules to pure childhood dislike of dental care. Fortunately, we offer family dental care to make multiple trips to different dentists only one trip … Continued

Proper Dental Hygiene From The Start

Take multiple family members to our family dentist instead of juggling schedules and making multiple trips. Family DentistAs a family dentist, we understand how difficult it can be to juggle multiple dental checkups for your kids, school, work and getting … Continued

Keep The Entire Family Healthy By Visiting A Family Dentist

While many parents remind their children and ensure that they brush their teeth on a regular basis, children need professional dental care at a dentist. Along with specialized care toward children, there are also other steps parents can take to … Continued

There Are Distinct Advantages of Visiting a Family Dentist in Dothan

As a family dentist in Dothan we know that visiting our office has specific advantages, both for you. We know that nobody enjoys going to the dentist and that most people would avoid it if at all possible. The family … Continued

Preventing Injuries With Help From our Dothan Family Dentistry Office

Imagine if after years of treatment and quality care from our Dothan family dentistry office, you suddenly find yourself with a missing tooth due to a sports injury and sitting in our office awaiting a replacement. A missing tooth can … Continued

Family Dentistry: For Families That Believe in Oral Health

There are benefits to family dentistry, far above and beyond the regular benefits of seeing a dentist on a regular basis. Families that come in to see us on a regular basis have discovered that they tend to have better … Continued

Common Oral Health Myths Debunked By Our Family Dentistry Office

As a family dentistry office, we are regularly asked questions about oral health, some of which are popular myths. It is normal for myths to circulate about dental care and about teeth, in general, but it is important to know … Continued

Learn How We Can Help You in Our Family Dentistry Office

Our entire family dentistry office is committed to giving you the best standard of care available. We help you to achieve the best oral health and to maintain strong, working teeth. We provide comprehensive care for every aspect of your … Continued

Why Our Family Dentistry Office Uses Fluoride

In our family dentistry office, we recommend fluoride as a way to help strengthen teeth.  In fact, we recommend that children and teens have a fluoride treatment at least once per year.  Adults can also benefit from fluoride, making toothpaste … Continued

Can Family Dentistry Prevent Common Toothaches?

In our family dentistry office, we have a unique perspective on caring for your family. Over the years, we build up relationships with our patients that often spans several generations. Being part of the development process for the younger children, … Continued