Kids Dentistry Review of How Poor Oral Health Influences Grades in School

Posted on: November 4, 2014

Kids DentistryIn our local kids’ dentistry office, we help children and adults to stay in good oral health. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions among children. If toothaches are left untreated, they can cause pain and minor to severe infections, and can lead to issues with speaking, eating and learning. According to the Center Of Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 23% of children ages two to eleven years old have at least one infected tooth and 20% of adolescents ages twelve to nineteen years old have at least one permanent tooth that suffers from tooth decay. The percentage of children that have access to dental care is low.  Unfortunately, poor oral health, dental disease, and tooth pain can put children at a serious disadvantage in school, according to a study from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.The numbers are staggering considering about 51.7 million school hours are missed annually by school-aged children because of a dental problem. Approximately a quarter of all U.S. children do not have private or public dental insurance and about 60% of all adolescents will have experienced tooth decay by the age of 15. Toothaches do negatively affect children’s ability to learn, and preventative measures can be taken at home in addition to consistent visits to our office will significantly reduce the chance of dental caries or dental diseases.Preventative Dental Care For Children  The first step to preventing cavities in children is by reducing the amount of plaque and bacteria in their mouth. The best, most cost effective way to do this is by teaching them to brush daily and floss when old enough to do so. Establishing a good, consistent oral health routine with children at an early age will save in dental expenses and will also show children and adolescents to appreciate a carefree life without painful dental issues. As a parent, you should also watch the amount of sugary and starchy foods their kids eat so they can control the amount of damaging acid that cause tooth decay. The use of antibacterial mouth rinses also helps reduce the levels of bacteria that cause cavities. In our kids’ dentistry office, we can teach you and your children how to brush properly and care for teeth at home.We can also provide minor treatments to help. We can also use fluoride to lower the chance of cavities and strengthen teeth, essentially a method that helps a tooth in early stages of decay to repair itself, building back the minerals so to speak. In teenagers, as long as the decay has not broken through the enamel, dental sealants are effective in preventing and controlling tooth decay. Even in children, both baby molars and permanent molars can be sealed.Dental decay is one of the most common health conditions among children and adolescents. Even though clinical intervention is needed in some cases, preventative oral care at home and regular visits to the dentist can reduce the amount tooth decay.  Statistically, this might also lead to improved quality of life and school performance.  To keep your children in good oral health schedule an appointment with our family dentistry office.

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