Schedule a Teeth Whitening Service Before Graduating

Posted on: May 27, 2015

Teeth Whitening ServiceTake an hour out this month for a teeth whitening service.  You will be delighted with the results, and your graduation photos will thank you. In the age of Instagram, you can well anticipate that your graduation photos will make it online faster than you can say Photoshop.  Make sure that you look and feel your best by taking care of your smile.  After all, you have worked hard to reach this point, and your graduation ceremony is the culmination of all of your efforts.

By the time most college students reach graduation, their teeth are stained due to years of drinking coffee and energy drinks along with eating a massive amount of sugar. While it can take gallons of coffee to make it through four years of final exams, now that it’s over, you can sigh a sigh of relief and head to our dental office.  We don’t judge you for your eating and drinking habits, but we do want to make sure that you start this next chapter of life in good oral health. We will remove the plaque that has built up over time, treat any cavities and talk about ways to improve your smile and whiten your teeth.

Why our teeth whitening service works better than a store bought solution.

The majority of the products that you buy in the store are designed to remove surface stains only.  If you are dealing with slight discoloration, this may be all that you need.  However, the majority of people have stains and discoloration underneath their enamel.  The only way to completely whiten teeth then is with a professional grade solution that can penetrate below the surface of the enamel.  Ours can, and the results are dramatic.  Most of our patients see a difference of eight shades or more when their teeth are done being whitened.  The process works due to oxidization since the molecules actually start to change in order to reflect less light.  This makes the teeth appear colorless or brilliantly white.  In order to get stunning results, you need a high-quality whitening solution.  If you have tried a store-bought product in the past and didn’t like the results, this is simply because the solution wasn’t designed for anything other than surface stains.

How a teeth whitening service can help you to get hired.

In addition to giving you a picture-worthy smile, whitening your teeth can also give you an edge when it comes to employment.  There have been several studies conducted into the benefits of an attractive appearance and smile.  It turns out that if you have a beautiful smile, you are more likely to be hired for a job than those without.  You are also more likely to be given a raise at work and viewed as a team player. Essentially, if you had the same resume as another college grad, the one with the attractive smile would probably be hired.  If you and a peer had the same actual job performance, the one with a better smile would be perceived as doing a better job.  While the appearance of your smile may seem trivial, when it comes to your career, it could be the edge you are looking for.

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